The Green Mind project aims to develop and strengthen SMEs’ economic competitiveness and innovation capacities in the field of green and smart mobility in the Mediterranean area.

Green and smart mobility includes transport services and technologies (vehicles and components, computer applications, clean fuels, infrastructure, etc.) aiming to improve the mobility of people and goods and to reduce its environmental impacts. This innovation field of the MED area is transverse and concerns different sectors (transport and logistics, automotive, information technology, energy ...). It is developing quickly as a result of technological change but also in response to the growing need of reducing the environmental impacts of transport in the context of more and more restrictive environmental policies.

The Green Mind project’s transnational approach is based on a process of mutual learning, knowledge sharing and capacity building to foster innovation in the green and smart mobility industry in the MED area: we will promote and strengthen regional and transnational cooperation between companies, research organisations and public authorities, support SMEs innovation for sustainable mobility and help them seize (new) market opportunities. 


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